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I grew up in the ideal small town, near wooded areas and the beaches of the Mississippi Sound on the Gulf of Mexico, and would not change a thing if I could go back.  Summer nights were spent wading in the warm waters looking for flounders and soft shell crabs or back in the swamp looking for frogs.  Had a mother who would wake up in the middle of the night to cook up our catch and a father who taught me to do those fun things and the value of hard work.  My parents were loving and worked hard and always put family first and they were always ready to lend a hand or do all they could to help someone in need.  We did not have much, but we always had a summer vacation, a car trip with a small camper somewhere in the U.S.  If mom could save enough, we would get extra trips to the Smokey Mountains, the Grand Ole Opry, or even a long day trip into Florida or Louisiana.  My first job was sweeping floors, cleaning rugs, and stocking shelves for a mom and pop convenience store.  I was 10 years old and rode my bike after school and Saturdays.  Always had some sort of job after that, fast food cook, mechanical engineer draftsman, radio dispatcher for campus security.  


In the recent past, I stayed active in my design and architectural skills by flipping houses and condos.  Many of the homes were at Cedar Creek Lake and even though it was work, I loved the hands on projects and weekends and weeknights spent taking an old and tired place and transforming it to a nice home.


I have lived in the Oak Cliff and Kessler Park area for most of my time in Dallas and am enjoying the recent growth and interest in that area of town.


I love to travel, especially Europe.  France, England, Italy, and Spain are favorites.  


I do have a passion for Pinnacle Marble & Granite, whether planning for the future growth of the company, making a better work place for our employees, making sure we provide the customer with service and quality that I would expect for myself, or working one on one with a customer to give them the room of their dream.  Each day is a new adventure and I never know what new jobs and challenges will be waiting. From the start, we have considered no job too small and strive to give each and every job the attention it requires.

James W. McClure has been involved in the residential and commercial construction industry for 36 years; 27 of that in the stone industry. He served five years in the U.S. Navy has a Masters in Theology degree, and completing his PhD. Mr. McClure has been Associated with Lloyd Shubert since 1996 and Pinnacle Marble and Granite since its inception 2003.


David Walls

Chief Financial Officer


Silvino Roa

Commercial Management


Aaron Hawley

Operations Manager


Hugo Trinidad

Title Supervisor


Sean Moses

Accounts Receivable


Jose Garcia



Tony Perales


Chuck Domok

Project Manager


Tameka Gonzalez


Veronica Benitez


Omar Roa

Project Manager

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